When Dr David Collins needed a digital team to realize his dream of bringing psychology education to school children, he turned to blackbird.

Braingrow is a whole school well being programmed developed by Dr David Collins. The program aims to teach school aged children about their brains & psychology, through a series of videos and online lesson plans that teachers can easily adopt into their syllabus.

Now in it’s eighth year, Braingrow first engaged blackbird to design and develop the online identity for the program, including branding, website, and then moving into video production, animation, and management and marketing of the YouTube channel.

We’re so proud of this fantastic program, and we believe the Braingrow story has only just begun. Seeing the real world difference that the program has made to the lives of thousands of children worldwide, and our continued support of the program, ranks as one of the all time highlights for the blackbird team.

Braingrow Trailer