An incredible new product

Kwikbrik partnered with us to design and implement the corporate and product identity for his revolutionary product.

It’s not often that a product comes along that excites both our inner child and our inner altruist. Kwikbrik is a new product from Australia’s Shane Jones that seeks to revolutionize not only how airbnb patrons conduct business, but also how under-privileged communities throughout the world achieve shelter. blackbird couldn’t be prouder to be involved with this project.

Now, while a lot of the details can’t be divulged until the product launches in 2020, the team has been engaged to deliver a turnkey marketing solution for the Kwikbrik brand. To begin with this involved the design of a corporate identity that would match the product, and the intended delivery mechanism.

This work was completed in July of 2019, and the team has now moved into the production phase of the marketing website and product design.  For now, enjoy some of our early design prototypes, and when the time comes we’ll unveil our most exciting collaboration yet!

Client: Kwikbrik
Date: August 1, 2019
Services: Design, Art Direction, Photography