Renovation One

Renovation One hired us to deliver a series of testimonial videos to reinforce the brand’s already fantastic reputation. We just let ’em talk.

Master Builder Sean Kiley has a stellar reputation. It’s what he trades on, and why he owns the most sought after new build and renovation business around.

He presented a unique problem. He loves working with clients who love good design and are passionate about building their homes. These clients tend to be more invested in a special result, the kind of building conclusion he likes to reach on every project.

With that in mind he contacted blackbird about launching a YouTube channel and filming a series of customers experiences that matched his aesthetic and reputation. Over the course of a year, four projects were chosen and the owners of these homes were invited to share their experiences.

The resulting videos have generated fantastic good will for the company, and enquiries on new projects have now skewed toward the kind of customers that Renovation One was seeking all along. We’re proud of our partnership with Sean, and these videos continue to be released every two months as part of a broader strategy.

Watch a selection of the videos